This page documents my equipment, tips and rationale for adventure travel (backpacking), adventure motorcycling, and business travel.

Adventure Travel

  •  “Deuter” 55L backpack with suspended mesh frame
  • “North Face” -20C down filled Sleeping Bag
  • Compression packing bags (one in each sizes)
  • “North Face” down filled expedition jacket
  • 2L Osprey dromedary
  • Fake wallet
  • Money belt
  • Randolph Engineering Aviators with polarized lens
  • Quickdry travel towel from MEC
  • First Aid Kit
  • Medications (malaria, altitude sickness, diarrhea, antibiotics, neosporin, ibuprofin, etc.)
  • Water purification (Pristine)
  • Emergency food (Cliff bars)
  • Leatherman 14-tools-in-one

Adventure Motorcycling

  • 2010 BMW F800GS
  • Jesse Panniers (10″)
  • Wolfman Tail Bag (Medium)
  • Wolfman Tank Bag
  • Madstad Windshield
  • MOD Sidestand Enlarger
  • MOD Rear Rack
  • ADV-Spec Crash Bars
  • Barkbusters Handguards with Storm Plastics
  • Kaoko Throttle Lock
  • Z-Teknik Headlight Guard
  • AltRider Bashplate
  • Homemade Upper Bashplate Guard (1/2″ wire mesh secured with zip ties to crash bars to protect oil filter)
  • Additional PowerLet Outlet with 10A Fuse
  • 10L MSR Dromedary (spare fuel)
  • Spare parts (Clutch cable, clutch perch assembly, rear wheel bearings, rear brake pads)
  • Repair material (zip ties, duct tape, radiator hose clamps, JB weld, epoxy quick plastic)
  • Tools and Maintenance (Dupont chain lubricant, WD 40, Seafoam)

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